Sunday, August 31, 2008

Great Down Under Nappy Hunt

DH is back, Yay! I actually got a sleep this afternoon, so I'm only a little bit behind.
I've been trying to sort out my mini-hunt for the GDUNH all day. I only upload files twice a year for the hunt, so I had to get a new FTP application and try to remember how to do it. I've just set it all up and checked it and it works. Now I need some people who think the same way I do!

I've got a heap of nappies ready to go, I hope some of them sell. I could be in a bit of trouble though - I'm out of hemp and I'm supposed to be giving hemp inserts as bonuses with the pocket nappies! It should arrive this week, so fingers crossed. Honestly I'd love to have that problem, it's so depressing getting all these things ready then not selling any.

I finally got a photo organised of Widget. Here she is in the dress I made her. I was a bit upstaged because I made her a dress, then some frilly sequinny things arrived from her grandparents on the same day, then DH got home next day with a whole pile of Dora gear! My poor dress was a bit forgotten, so I made her put it on to take photos.

DH brought the giant crayon back, it's full of craft gear. We were actually hiding it so I could bring it out this week, but she found it and has been carrying it around all night.


Michelle said...

Beautiful dress! I was actually quite good at sewing in high school, I sometimes think I should try it again. I guess that would require an actual sewing machine though!

Don't remind me about that nappy hunt - I just know I'll be able to do nothing else once it starts! (It hasn't started, has it??)

Deb said...

D'oh! Thanks for that, Michelle, I'll have to blame the dirty fingerprints on my screen.
Yes, it started today. Amazing how the page hits went up once the kids were in bed :)