Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The OTHER reasons for using cloth nappies.

I know you're out there, please comment because I'd love to get some conversations happening.

Don't you think it's funny that as soon as nappies are mentioned people start talking about the environment? I mean do we choose our baby's clothes according to what's best for the environment? Or their toys? I just think it's strange that if nappies are mentioned it must mean that some of us are more or less environmentally friendly than others. I'm a cloth user but don't think I'm all that environmentally friendly, as I sit here on my computer with the heater and TV going and several lights on. I suppose it's because we all have a sneaking suspicion that nappies are worse than our other baby things because we have so many of them, but let's be honest about it.

These are the reasons I chose to use cloth nappies:

  • Where I was living our rubbish was all burnt in a 40 gallon drum in the front yard. Imagine burning all that poo and plastic - yuck! Actually I think putting poo in the bin for a week is pretty revolting too.
  • They're waaaaay cheaper. Even if I wasn't making my own all the nappies I have is about 6 months worth of disposables, and I'm a bit of a scrooge.
  • They're comfortable - I hate loathe and despise disposable menstrual pads, I'm not doing that to my poor little bubbas!
  • I think sposies smell. Seriously, I can smell them in the packet. I'm sure I'd get used to them, but it's a shock because I'm not used to it.
  • It gave me something to do and a sense of accomplishment. When I was first at home and completely clueless I could say, I achieved something today I've washed the nappies. Later they were something to do when it got boring singing nursey rhymes over and over or playing peekaboo. Widget never needed any of those toys with the different textures because she helped with the nappies, and now they are a good reason to get out in the fresh air.
  • Sposies don't fit my girls. To get something to go around their legs means they are ridiculously long and baggy. The same thing happened with cloth, but at least I had the option of making my own, or looking at different brands to find different fits.
  • They're reliable. I'm probably just really bad at putting them on, but we've had a poosplosion every time I've used sposies.
  • I really freaked out when Widget got those little crystal things all over her. They may be harmless but I didn't like it.
  • They're cute and I can justify buying them. I hate having gorgeous outfits that they only wear once, it's such a waste. But with nappies I can get them something really nice and not feel guilty about it because I know they'll use them lots.

What about you? I'm interested in any reasons for nappy choice, sposies too!


Michelle said...

I'm a wannabe cloth user but I came into it too late - DD (2) won't have a bar of them most of the time. Even though I have fairly trim MCNs, she finds them bulky between her legs compared to the sposies.

I went with sposies originally because when I heard how much a newborn can poo I thought I'd never cope with that much washing! I think next time I might use sposies through that initial newborn period then cloth from then on... but starting earlier than I did this time!

Deb said...

That's a good point, that kids get used to one or the other. And I know what you mean about the poo - Midget seemed to just dribble for the first few weeks, we were forever changing nappies.

If you started out with sposies it would be a good way to trial different sorts of mcn. One of the things I like about them is there are so many different styles, and it would give you a chance to get different ones to see which ones suit you.

And see how much your bubba will grow! I'd be really annoyed if I'd bought lots of smalls, Midget was out of them in a few weeks. I love my OSFAs.

Caroline said...

i use both, but i use straight flannelette under a waterfproof cover (pul)- no pins just wrap it tightly and it seems to stay there, my DD is almost 14months, walking, climbing etc and most of the time nothing escapes, occasionally something escapes the nappy but not the cover so it's all good- i use sposies overnight and when i'm out.
We are on tank water but i usually only end up with one extra load a week, far better than filling up our bin (which only gets emptied every fortnight) with sposies all the time. i usually soak a bucket full for a couple of days so i end up with a full load. I was lucky enough to inherit my brothers collection of cloth nappies, they gave up after about 4 months on number 3- so i don't have to worry about running out- only not leaving them long enough to go moldy (hence the soaking once a bucket is full).
Enjoying your blogs- where do you find the energy to write almost every day!

Deb said...

Thank you! This is just about my only adult conversation where I get to ramble on, generally while I'm waiting for Midget to wake up again (she takes a couple of goes to get to sleep).

It's interesting to hear you can do cloth on tank water. I agree absolutely about the bins - people go on about dealing with poo with cloth, and I can see that if you aren't used to it it would be hard. But having poo sit in your bin in the heat would just be revolting.

We don't go overboard on MCN either. I do love the convenience and reliability of pockets if we're going out and bamboo is fantastic for overnight, but our workhorse nappy is plain old terry flats. I find I change them more often - if Midget is in MCN I seem to leave it on a long time because it's not full and it feels like a waste, whereas a flat I notice and change it as soon as she's wet.