Sunday, August 17, 2008

If Michael Phelps were a nation, he would be sitting 6th in the medal tally.

That is amazing.

He comes from the world's richest country. His body is definitely not typical. He has had every advantage possible.

But that should not detract from an incredible achievement. As an individual, as a team member, across different events, he has demonstrated breadth as well as skill. And that is very rare and should be celebrated by all of us.

Because doesn't it makes us all greater when one of us does something truly magnificent?

Well done.

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Michelle said...

I like the Imaginary friends section on the right! Do you think they're going to take over real family members in number?!?

DD has had a couple of fleeting ones - we had a pig join us for dinner one night and go off to bath, books, BF, bed with her!