Thursday, August 21, 2008


You may have noticed I missed yesterday. I was going to write this beautifully crafted piece about it now being my turn to support DH with some issues he's having. About how in families it is a dynamic balance of different needs, and how they change and our priorities change depending on who needs support at the time.

My priorities have changed.

I'm glad this isn't my first, I would be freaking out by now. I wrote it down when Widget went through it, and since then I have talked to many distracted mothers. I have reassured other first time Mums that it is perfectly normal, most babies do it, it is developmental. They have got through the first newborn stage, they are discovering the world, there is so much around them to see and experience so they are distracted. Your milk supply hasn't dropped, they aren't teething or sick (usually), there is nothing wrong with them, it is just being 4 months old.

So now I am reassuring myself. The constant sucking doesn't mean my supply has dropped (I'm still leaking!!!). She's not really allergic to sleep, and she will, someday, sleep without a tit in her mouth. To be fair, she did sleep for several hours last night, which is very unusual, but the rest of the time she was firmly attached. Then this morning she's been yawning, red-eyed and sucking on her fists, but don't try and put her down, she's not really asleep. The hug-a-bub came back out but even that didn't work, she made it very soggy but needed the real thing several times to actually sleep.

All topped off by a major melt-down from Widget. I was so unreasonable as to want her not to snatch, twist and stand on the nappy I was trying to get photos of. It was quite a shock because she's usually such a happy girl, and it really hurt that she went to cry in her room (actually it was more full on hysterics than crying). Then I made it all worse by putting on music. After a little while she did come back out and sat in my lap to cry, then she had a feed and was great about stopping when Midget got upset. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to do any one on one with her since, so that's what I'm off to do now.

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