Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And it's not even lunch time!

  1. Midget has dreadlocks. She has fairly long, baby-fine hair and the back has gone all fuzzy and knotted.
  2. We were outside and Widget was walking around a pole, wrapping a piece of rope around it. Suddenly she announced she was stuck - she'd managed to wrap her t-shirt around it too and couldn't move.
  3. I left Midget on the change table and put the nappies in the laundry, then decided to put a load on. Widget came running and told me Midget was all clean. I went back into the bedroom and she was suspiciously damp, but there wasn't water all over the place.

"Did you wash Midget?"

"Yes! All over!"

"Did you wash her face?"

"Yes! All her face!"

"Where's the bottle?" (of water I use for wipes)

"Yes! Whole bottle!"

"Darling, what did you wash?"

"Whole bottle! Wash Midget's tummy, wash Midget's face, wash bed, wash toys, wash floor, wash table."

"Thank you sweetheart."

What else do you say? It wasn't too bad, she'd used a hemp cloth and that had soaked most of it up. I've spent a lot of this morning laughing.

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