Monday, August 18, 2008

Four Month Monsters and Tandem Feeding.

They seem to be starting, Midget didn't nap well today and spent most of the time she was in bed with us last night sucking. Every now and then I tell her that her bed sharing days are numbered, but then I think of having to get up and put her back in the cot and it's easier to just keep her with us. It's working quite well, she starts in the cot then at the first feed comes into bed with us, so I get some comfortable sleep first if I don't stay up too late.

Widget was gorgeous in the morning, she hopped into bed and didn't wake Midget up (Yay!) and didn't instantly start whinging for a feed. Even when she asked for one she was happy to wait while I rearranged myself and Midget, rather than getting louder and whingier. It's been becoming more and more unpleasant, but it's one of those pick your battle issues - it would be harder to try to wean her than to contain her every morning. Anyone who thinks I'm feeding my toddler for me needs to deal with her when she gets told no!!!!

I find that when I don't want to feed her then it's an awful feed, it hurts, it's irritating, I just want it to be over. But if I can relax and enjoy giving her a cuddle then it's a great feed. She rarely gets to finish one on her own, either it gets too annoying or something happens, so when it's going well I try to let her go as long as she wants. I got a beautiful cuddle this morning, unfortunately Midget got upset during one this afternoon and Widget didn't want to stop, which then caused a major tantrum. So it's two steps forwards and one back.

I think poor Widget is getting a bit jealous. Her bed routine, her shower, her feeds and her mornings have all been rearranged and I've been waiting for it. Midget is definitely not as much of a wonderful toy as she was. But they still adore each other and I think overall Widget is coping very well.

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