Monday, September 1, 2008

Little Luxuries

  • DH got both girls out of the shower quickly this evening and there was enough hot water left for me to have some time by myself.
  • They are both going to bed relatively easily and I can have a hot drink in the evening.
  • They are both going to bed relatively easily!
  • Widget seems to be learning to stop whatever she's doing if Midget cries, so I can go to the toilet without having to race back.
  • DH brought lovely fresh grapes and watermelon back from Darwin.
  • Midget actually lets go and doesn't comfort suck all night, so she can stay in the bed with us. I'm getting reasonable sleep rather than having to get up several times a night.
  • I have lots of enforced leisure time to read while Midget is feeding.
  • DH brought me back some deodorant - Widget helpfully brings it out to me if I leave it where she can reach and it disappeared. I now smell like waterlilies and mint.
  • Midget has enough clothes that it doesn't matter that the washing all got wet in the rain. (This is the desert!!!)
  • DH covered Widget's window and made it dark, and she slept much longer this morning. On the other hand, when she woke up I had to go and get her because "she could hear something in her room."
  • Midget doesn't scream for a couple of hours every night.
  • When Widget was "cooking" with rice she kept most of it in one place.
  • We finally have screen doors front and back and can open the doors without millions of flies coming in.

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