Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Is how much Midget weighs. We had the four month checkup and needles today.

  • She's been rolling front to back for a while always with a look of How did I get here??!!
  • Yesterday she rolled back to front twice, I think the slope off the edge of the mat helped.
  • She discovered her toes a couple of days ago. It's really funny she's been going cross-eyed trying to see them and patting them.
  • She has an enormous wet patch on the front of every outfit from the drool.
  • Anything she gets is going in that mouth.
  • There's no point checking her hips or joints because you can't find them!
  • Even if she's grizzly or hungry she's far too busy to feed during the day.
  • She only laughs if she's being held upside down or thrown around, I mean played with vigorously.
  • She has the most gorgeous smile that lights up her whole face.
  • She loves Widget.
  • I don't think she's poo'd for 3 days. I'm not worried because I know it's normal, I'm just not looking forward to it.


Michelle said...

Sounds wonderful! Well all but the infrequent pooing bit - Sarah went 14 days once. Boy was that messy! Two baths later I felt like she was clean again :-D

I love chubby babies (I gather she is by the can't find the joints comment!) - Sarah has always been pretty long and skinny like her Mummy. I like that too but they look like babies longer when they're chubby :-)

Deb said...

They have thighs Colonel Sanders would be proud of!