Sunday, May 3, 2009


Not a computer one, a real one.

When we got back from Perth there was a little mouse sitting behind my computer. In the resultant jumping, screaming and pushing the desk away it came off second best. Problem solved?


We have a new mousetrap (Catch them alive humanely! So then what are you meant to do with them?) but the little bugger isn't being obliging. We have wooden furniture and the house has wooden panelling on all the walls and built in cupboards (lovely 70's stuff), so there is quite a loud echoing gnawing sound.

They're either eating my furniture or eating the house (that we're considering buying). And so far the most effective thing I've found is to throw things at the sound and scare them.

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Perfect Mum said...

Yes reminds me of the time we had a mouse in our bedroom...we were regularly awakened by the sound of sharp teeth gnawing through our was SO loud I could hardly believe that the noise was coming from one tiny little mouse...I don't think it was despatched humanely in the end... not an ounce of compassion was left in either me or DH after a number of sleepless nights!