Thursday, February 5, 2009

Half an hour off

I got half an hour without the kids yesterday, and seeing there is so much to do here I wandered around the supermarket. It was actually quite interesting (that's pathetic, isn't it) to look rather than search for things quickly while keeping the toddler occupied. So I bought:

- Coloured mini patty pans. Great for making flowers, snowflakes, collages, you can even use them in cooking.

- Water bombs. It's pretty hot here!

- Balloons. An absolute favourite. I never used to be able to tie balloons, look at the new skills you learn as a parent. It makes my skin crawl the way Midget grabs them and digs her fingernails right in, but it doesn't seem to bother her when they explode.

- Icing pens. Tubes of icing you can use to draw on biscuits and cakes. We make biscuits at least once a week, Widget is going to love them.

- Sponges. For cutting into shapes to use for stamping paint.

- Hydrogen peroxide. For neutralising bleach when I use it to reverse tie dye fabric. Although having had a closer look at the bleach I think it already contains it, I think American bleach must be different.

And that was my exciting break without the kids.

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