Saturday, February 14, 2009


I feel a bit like I'm in a self-help book, you know something trendy that talks about simplifying your life. But we are finally doing it.

The house was getting ridiculous - we met in the country, so we both had a full set of house things. It's hard to get rid of things in the country - they're too good to throw out but there isn't anyone to pass them on to or anything like the Good Sammies. Then we emptied the Darwin house and brought it back here. I've lost a lot of weight and my clothes were too big, and throw in the fact that I'm a hoarder, and have all these grand plans that I haven't got around to finishing yet.

When we got back I did my clothes. Two big plastic tubs of mostly maternity clothes to take down to playgroup and then go to the op shop. Then last weekend we did Widget's room. Emptied the big cupboard, threw out all the fitted sheets that had lost their elastic or were getting a bit sheer, neatly folded everthing and put toys on the bottom shelves she can reach. It's a bit sad to fold up all the tiny baby clothes, but there are people to pass them on to.

This weekend DH did the bathroom. And next week we're having a garage sale.

The really interesting thing is that since we got home we've been eating dinner at the table every night because it's finally been clear enough. And we've barely turned the television on at all. So starting anew and cleaning up has had a big effect on how we're living.

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