Friday, October 31, 2008


OK there are lots of things I've mentioned, I thought I'd do a bit of a round up.

  • Midget is loving solids, she has had carrot, cauliflower and apple. I don't think she's actually swallowed anything, but she has a good old chew and suck on them.

  • She's six months (eek!) and pretty much crawling. Not the full on action, but she's mobile in a forward direction.

  • She's just gone through a stage of not sleeping unless she's attached, but fingers crossed seems to be coming out of it.

  • Widget has lost the imaginary friends and has picked up monsters :( She spends the day saying she can't go to the toilet because it's dark in my bedroom (???)and asking what sounds are.

  • We cook just about every day, she loves making banana biscuits and apricot slice.

  • I have put her on the waiting list for daycare one afternoon a week. Because she is on the list we are allowed to go in any time for 'orientation,' which is perfect. We are going in once a week or so and she gets to play with the other kids and get used to it with me there.

  • I'm being quite positive at the moment and seem to be coping well.

  • We've rearranged the living room to give me a place to work, somewhere Widget can do craft and a big space for Midget to crawl around in. This has had an impact on the amount of TV.

  • I finally made the water sling that's been on the to-do list for about 2 years and it was fantastic! I could go swimming with both girls and Midget had a ball.

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