Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shows in your eyes and purple dragons.

I try not to be one of those mothers who go on about how wonderful their kids are, but today they've been pretty cool and it's fun to sit back and enjoy that. Besides, it's my blog!

Widget comes into bed with us in the mornings, and sometimes she's a pain and sometimes she falls asleep. Today was a sleep day, and when Midget and I rolled over this little voice chirped

"Good morning Mummy!"
"Good morning, sweetheart, have you been asleep?"
"Yes, I've been watching a show on my eyes."

Seriously, is that not the best description of a dream you've ever heard?

"Did someone tell you that?"
"No Mummy, it's a dream. Shut your eyes ... See! there are

It's her daycare day, and she badly wants Midget to go too, so she's been prattling on about how she will look after her and

"if the meanie boys go near her I'll say Stop! That's
my sister! Leave her alone!"

She's not convinced, but Midget and I are really enjoying our days together.

We have a little purple rubber dragon toy that Midget is not sure about, I don't know if it is the rubbery feel or if it looks scary to a one year old. I was hanging out washing when she started calling. I went over to see her pointing at the dragon, which was lying on its side. I picked it up, so she started talking and pointing more. I patted it on the head and that really set her off. She spent a good five minutes getting closer and closer but not being able to bring herself to actually touch this thing, all the while talking away at the top of her voice. Then, she went and got another toy, and sat there poking the dragon with the toy and jumping back! She tried another one and managed to knock it over, which led to actual tears so I had to pick the poor dragon up and show her it was alright. A bit after this she got up the courage to touch it with her own finger, looking over at me every time to check that I could see what a big, brave girl she was.

Kids - they're the real show that never ends.

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