Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Midget is 1!

I no longer have a little baby :( But she is so much fun (the velcro has loosened a little).

  • Is walking quite well, it's now her preferred method of getting around except if she's in a hurry (ie I'm out of sight!).
  • Has no words but has two signs, feed and finished! Given Widget's speech delay this is very exciting. She's been doing them appropriately if reminded for a few days (ie if I make the feed sign and she doesn't want one she ignores it, but if she does want one she copies it). But today she did both of them spontaneously and appropriately. We were out at the shops and she looked me in the eye and asked for a feed, and later on she let go and sat up, looked at me and signed finished :D :D :D :D :D
  • Has amazing comprehension (to me, it's probably completely normal but it's a shock to realise your baby understands you IYKWIM). She was trying to climb off something forwards today and I told her to turn around, she looked at me, spun around and tried to climb off the other side. Not quite what I meant.
  • Hugs and kisses. Aaaaaaaw.
  • Knows exactly how things work. Give her a bottle and she tries to twist the lid. Give her a tin and she goes for the pull on top. Yesterday we played with shaving cream, today she picked up the can, held it correctly and was 'writing' on the wall with it, then rubbing her other hand over that spot to spread it out.
  • Brushes my hair and feeds me.
  • Insists on feeding herself, and won't drink from any of the spill proof water bottles. She only wants the ones Widget uses. Sigh.
  • Thinks the red dust out the back is a wonderful food. She actually found a spoon this morning and was hoeing in with it.
  • Is still a horrendous sleeper.
  • Scribbles on the whiteboard and tries to draw on paper.
  • Points!
  • Likes using the potty, we generally get the first wee of the morning and then it depends on my timing or how busy we are. She reads on the potty.

When Widget snuggled into bed this morning she solemnly told me that Midget was only little and didn't know how to blow out candles yet, so she would have to teach her. She made and decorated a wonderful cake for her.

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