Sunday, March 29, 2009

Widget's Rubbing Doll

Widget rubs things with her fingers and it's driving me mad. It's at the point where she can't hold my hand because she won't let go of her skirt, or she will walk along behind Midget rubbing her t-shirt. So I made her a rubbing doll.

She chose the fabrics for the skirt, yes that's raspberry slush minkee on the front!
It HAD to have wings, and I put a hat on it to avoid the hair. After spending ages hand sewing a few rows last night I realised why dolls wear hats.

Rubbing the skirt, it's been wonderful having my clothes left alone for a whole day.

It has velcro hands so it's giving her a big hug and she can take it out without losing it.

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Cathy said...

thanks Deb I'll let you know

I'd really love a monkey for Aden that would be wonderful,. just let me know how much? thanks.